Auto Grafix™ Car Stickers & Paint Protection

AG78 Twister airbrushed graphic on a demo car

Visual Enhancement!

We have been designing and manufacturing airbrushed graphics & car stickers since the early 1990's. Our graphics are hand airbrushed* on to quality vinyl and clear coated to resist deterioration under the harsh Australian sun, compared with almost all other airbrushed vinyl graphics available today which are computer generated digital prints and won't last as long.

Our range of graphics and car stickers is divided into four main categories, Auto-Grafix™, Reflecta-Grafix™, Airbrushed Decals and Fun Car Stickers. We are regularly adding new designs to the range and always welcome feedback from our customers.

*Some of our fun stickers are digitally printed, these are designated as such in the catalogue.

Protection For Your Car!

A clear shield (or film) that protects you car from scrapes, scratches and even small rocks! This product has a big future, but you probably have never seen it before... because it is invisible!

Click the Auto-Shield™ link to find out more. We also have a range of other vehicle protection products including Rubber Bump Protection Mouldings.

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