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Bump Strips

Auto-Shield™ Bump Strips, otherwise called protection mouldings, are available in a range of sizes, colours and profiles to suit your vehicle. Some vehicles come with protection mouldings as standard but many do not. We can help you prevent car park damage by installing a moulding that will not only protect but look great on your car.

Paint Protection Film

Have you noticed that it seems only days after you pick up your new car, or even on its first drive out, that you pick up a chip from the shopping centre car park, or a stone that is flicked up and hits your bonnet?

You can Auto-Shield™ your new car BEFORE any of this happens! Auto-Shield™ is a range of quality protective products, professionally installed to your vehicle.

Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film provides a tough, polyurethane, crystal clear barrier between your car's paintwork and anything the outside world can throw at it. No more clumsy plastic bonnet protectors that may protect a small part of your car but also collect leaves and mess and are a pain to keep clean. No need to tie a huge, unsightly 'bra' to the front of your car. Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film comes with a lifetime warranty against yellowing, bubbling or cracking. It is UV stable yet allows the UV to pass through so there is no uneven fading of the paint.

Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film is not only tough, it is amazingly elastic, which makes it possible for us to apply to the complex curves of your vehicle. The film cannot damage or corrode the paint in any way, all it can do is keep your paintwork pristine. If for any reason you wish to remove Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film, it will come off without leaving any residue behind.

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