Paint Protection Film   What is it and how does it work?

Stone chips and paint scratches are a tiresome problem for all types of vehicles. Damage caused by flying debris may be small, but it is unsightly, annoying and expensive to repair and can have a big effect on the re-sale value of your car. Now you can put a shield around your car that keeps the paintwork looking as good as new, reduces repair costs and maximises re-sale value.

Once installed, Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film provides a tough, glossy, crystal-clear, almost invisible shield that takes all of the beatings that your paint would normally take. This saves you having to get your car resprayed (certain factory paint colours are extremely difficult to match) to get rid of those stone chips in the paint; because the film takes the brunt of the force from stones, bugs and other road debris. Stones can take the paint back to the metal, allowing rust to set in. Bird and bat droppings and squashed bugs can etch into the paint, resulting in permanent damage.

Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film is an advanced protective film, only .15mm or 150 microns thick, yet effectively shields the front of your car against stone chips and scratches, abrasion and even minor scrapes. The film does not change the shape, colour or look of your car. It has an amazing ability to be stretched and so fits the complex, compound curves of any car.

Paint protection films were originally developed to protect the rotor blades of helicopters and the nose cones of fighter jets, and continue to be used in that application. These films are manufactured by various companies including 3M, VentureTape, Bekeart and Avery. The film is used by most vehicle manufactures including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Land Rover, and BMW to protect the exterior paintwork on their vehicles. Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film uses and professionally applies the very best of these products and provides full warranty back-up.

Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film is applied to vulnerable areas of the car such as shown to the left. The film is computer cut, from our vast pattern library, to snugly fit each vulnerable component of your car.

How to Stone, Scratch, and Scrape-Proof your new car!

Options Package
Extras are available to shield other vulnerable areas of your car such as the sills, side skirts, door handle recesses, door edges, top of the rear bumper (boot step) and more.....
Bonnet Package
Protect the leading edges of your bonnet without the hassle of trapped leaves and dirt as with rigid bonnet protectors. Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film wraps around the edges to ensure total protection and a neat finish. Bonnet package includes mirror and fender end pieces.
Lamp Package
Even your expensive polycarbonate headlights are protected with Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film. Due to its optical clarity, Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film will not diminish light transmission, while giving 100% protection against cracking, scratching and pitting.
Bumper Package
Even a minor scrape or nudge will not damage your front or back bumper when protected with Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film. Due to the amazing stretchability of the film, complex curves can be totally shielded against stones, insects and other minor impacts.
car with paint protection parts explained: side mirros, bonnet, bumer, fender, boot stop, sills, handle recesses
Auto-Shield™ Paint Protection Film is applied to these areas on a Hyundai Terracan:

bonnet headlights and fender of hyundai terracan
Protect your bonnet, headlights and fender ends.....
side mirros
Side mirros...
door handle recesses     Door handle recesses & sills.
car door sills
keyhold and dash
Protect your dash where keys swing and scratch.
step for roof rack access
This dog-leg is used as a step to reach the roof rack.

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