Paint Protection Film   Put to the test!

How effective is Auto-Shield™?

To answer that that question for our own satisfaction, we decided to put it to the test. We procured a damaged Hyundai Santa Fe bonnet from Herk's Panel Repairs, cut it down for ease of handling, and applied Auto-Shield™ to the left front section of the bonnet.

After allowing a day for the Auto-Shield™ to dry out, we took the bonnet to Geraldton Sandblasting and asked them to blast right across the front of the bonnet. The photos show the extent of the abrasive exposure to the bonnet.

How did Auto-Shield™ perform? The photo shows what it looked like immediately after the blasting. The marks you see in the Auto-Shield™ disappeared completed with an application of polish. If Auto-Shield™ can save this bonnet from the ravages of a heavy duty sandblasting unit, how much more effective will it be in protecting your car from scratching and pitting.

If Auto-Shield™ can save your car from the abrasive force of a heavy duty sand blaster, how much more effective is it in protecting your car from boot scrapes, finger nails and rings, stones flicking up from the road, and any thing else that might scratch or chip your paint!
Paint Protection Test

Geraldton Sandblasting gave the bonnet a heavy duty blast right across the front with garnet sand.

paint protection bonnet
The front of the bonnet is through to bare metal in some places on the left, but on the right side Auto-Shield™ has completely protected the paint.
Marks from sandblasting can be seen on the Auto-Shield™...

..... but the protective film was completely restored with a light hand application of polish.

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