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Jack & Josina Paff
Geraldton WA 6530
9th August 2008

Auto-Graphic Design
158 NWCH
Geraldton WA 6530


My wife and I both wish to acknowledge the great job you performed in applying the Auto-Shield product Venture Shield to my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder in August 2006. This almost invisible plastic shield applied to my vehicle has in my opinion lived up to its advertised benefits.

With the application of this protection system to my paintwork I would make the comment that it has been instrumental in keeping my Nissan Pathfinder's vulnerable areas free from sone chipping and other damage.

You also did the same application to my wife's [Holden] Astra in January 2007. The reason was we noticed a couple stone chips on the bonnet. After we had the Venture Shield applied we have had no more unsightly stone chips to this area. This was also applied to other areas resulting in significant increase in protection to those areas.

I would also strongly recommend to any customers the benefits of Bullet Molding and door edging. I had this applied to the Pathfinder and Astra. Again with both vehicle's the panels and paintwork has been better protected from damaage resulting from opening car doors, shopping trolleys that sort of thing.

To conclude I would without favor recommend the application of the above products for customers wishing to maintain their car in pristine condidtion.

From Happy Clients
Jack & Josina Paff

Jack Paff in front of his Nissan Pathfinder
December 2007
Jason O`Brien from Nu-Life Panel & Paint

We are often requested by mining companies to repair and repaint vehicles with minor damage, in an effort to extend the working life of their vehicles. Routinely this involves respraying the sills where boots constantly have dragged over the paint, eventually wearing through to bare metal. After painting we get Auto Graphic Design to apply Auto-Shield to the newly painted sills, and have found that sill panels protected with Auto-Shield are still in as new condition 18 months later. If Auto-Shield had not been applied, the sills would have to have been repainted again.

I recommend installing Auto-Shield to sill panels, lower bumpers, bonnets and rear bumpers where minor damage is costly to repair.

Jason O`Brien

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